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Studies on Climate Change in the Urban Legal Amazon

Studies on Climate Change in the context of the Legal Amazon are on two scales : first, for globalization of the natural capital forest; and a second é a national , isto é, a forest for economic growth. Nessa construção, a Amazônia Legal Urbana and invisible in socio-spatial segregation, also as the place of life of the majority of the population, impacted by unhealthy occupations, low income, with more quality of water, insecurity of food, with more quality of life and vulnerability to events extreme weather conditions. This is our analysis base due to the climatic crisis.

These vulnerabilities are mediated by structural determinants such as racism, poverty, geographic and cultural conditions , and differently from racial and ethnic groups, not having a deep impact on gender inequalities, especially in low and middle-income countries, in this case Brazil is inserted. The alarming scene of changes in the current climate has been evidenced for decades in various places and territories.

In this sense, the investigation is carried out by the queue, systematization and analysis of secondary data two urban spaces in the cities of Belém (PA), Macapá (AP), Manaus (AM), São Luís (MA) and Rio Branco (AC ) , analyzing or territorial planning marked by population and territorial inequalities, which needs to be seen on the scales of vulnerabilities so that humanity is responsible for the Global Climate Agenda, as established by the Paris Agreement (2015).

The data obtained from the 2010 Demographic Census data, from the Cartography of the Library of Geociências and the Automatic Recovery System (SIDRA) of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics – IBGE, systematized and analyzed by the research team and produced maps themes through the Google Earth Pro software.

As a theoretical and methodological subsidy, the papers of the cities seek to contribute to the processes of revision and / or elaboration de novo Plan Director of municipalities in attention to policies of adaptation, mitigation and / or reduction of changes in climate , em face of the United Nations Convention-Quadro on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations Organization (UN).

Conheça a spatialization of two municipalities not território da Amazônia Legal Urbana through Google Earth Pró:

Click here to make or download the Map 01 Thematic Municípios da Amazônia Legal Urbana in JPG.